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All product manuals are in PDF format unless otherwise stated. PDF manuals may be viewed using Adobe Reader.

RAD7 Manuals

RAD7 User's Manual (English)  Updated October 1, 2017

RAD7 User's Manual (Spanish)   Updated June 25, 2014

Standard RAD7 Accessory Manuals
These products are included standard with the RAD7. 

USB to Serial Adapter Manual  (StarTech)

Printer Manual  (Applicable to Chamjin I&C and OmniPrint printer models)

RAD7 Accessory Manuals

Big Bottle System User's Manual (Aerator Cap Revision C) Updated February 26, 2016

Big Bottle System User's Manual (Aerator Cap Revision B) Updated February 26, 2016

Cool Trap Configuration with DRYSTIK  Updated March 30, 2016

DRYSTIK User's Manual  Updated October 29, 2016

Duty Cycle Controller User's Manual

Emission Chambers User's Manual  Updated September 28, 2016

Natural Rock Sample System User's Manual  Updated April 19, 2016

RAD AQUA User's Manual  Updated March 6, 2015

RAD H2O User's Manual (3D Printed Aerator Cap) Updated August 2, 2016

RAD H2O User's Manual (Stainless Steel Aerator) Updated January 28, 2016

Range Extender User's Manual

Soil Gas Probe User's Manual  Updated April 19, 2016

Water Switch User's Manual  Updated March 7, 2014

Third Party Accessory Manuals

CO2 Logger User's Manual  Updated November 24, 2014

RAD7 Bluetooth Connectivity Guide  Updated May 5, 2016

Software Documentation

CAPTURE User's Manual (HTML)   Updated September 18, 2017

CAPTURE User's Manual (PDF)  Updated February 6, 2017

Promotional Materials and Product Information

DURRIDGE Product Guide  Updated February 9, 2016


RAD7 Binder Insert  Updated July 27, 2016

Material Safety Data Sheets

Drierite Desiccant Material Safety Data Sheet

RAD7 Battery Material Safety Data Sheet

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