The All-New RAD8: Rugged and Sensitive

The new RAD8 reimagines scientific-quality electronic radon monitors with complete top-to-bottom upgrades in comparison to the venerable RAD7, the instrument which for years has been the industry standard for a variety of applications including air quality testing, health physics, geology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, oceanography, environmental remediation, metrology, and more. With its cutting-edge features and optimizations for outdoor use, RAD8 revolutionizes radon/thoron monitoring in the field and the lab.

Splashing water? Driving rain? Blowing sand? No problem! An environment-proof, super portable design with long battery life and IP67 water/dust resistance even when the lid is open means you can use RAD8 conveniently and worry-free whether you work near water, on rugged terrain, in a dusty mine, or in the gentle confines of a lab.

New patent-pending technology boosts sensitivity 70% higher than RAD7, significantly reducing data uncertainty. In keeping with the transparent data approach pioneered by RAD7, there is no mystery to how RAD8 measurements are calculated – it’s the opposite of a “black box”. RAD8 provides unparalleled access to spectrometry data (including raw sensor counts) so users can analyze and verify measurements in detail without doubting or questioning “what’s going on inside?”

RAD8’s high-resolution alpha spectrometry precisely measures alpha particle energies, enabling it to clearly identify the characteristic alpha energy peaks from the radon and thoron decay chains. This event-by-event species discrimination provides accuracy superior to other technologies such as pulsed ionization chambers and Lucas cells. Thus, radon and thoron are measured independently and simultaneously, without interference – background from the buildup of long-lived decay products that plagues other products is rejected from RAD8’s radon/thoron measurements. This means that no matter how long you own your RAD8, background will never interfere with your measurements. In addition, RAD8 can recover from high radon concentrations in minutes, rather than hours, to dramatically save time, money, and boost productivity.

The easily navigated, high-visibility color touchscreen and pushbutton controls let you operate the RAD8 in any conditions, even with gloves on, perfect for measuring Radon in air, water and soil, in homes and buildings, mines and deserts, on the ocean and volcanoes. While the touchscreen provides control over instrument and measurement settings, the RAD8 is delivered with pre-programmed testing protocols to get you up and running quickly. The IATA-compliant rechargeable battery keeps RAD8 running continuously for three days and built-in wireless networking makes data download easier than ever.

RAD8 together with CAPTURE graphing/analysis software provides our customers the ultimate solution for detecting and analyzing their data. Learn about CAPTURE here.

RAD8 Advantages
Precision and Performance
  • Up to 4X higher sensitivity than competing units – 70% higher than RAD7
  • Alpha spectrometry provides higher accuracy than pulsed ionization chambers and Lucas cells
  • Recovers from high Radon concentrations in minutes – not hours
  • Fastest response and recovery times of any continuous Radon monitor/sniffer on the market
  • Immunity to background for the life of the instrument without expensive chamber replacements
Convenience and Ease of Use
  • The only radon monitor in the market that is waterproof with the lid open or closed (IP67)
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 3 days continuous operation
  • Compact, light, and rugged – 30% smaller, 20% lighter than RAD7
  • Color touchscreen and pushbutton controls let you configure, run and display test results
  • Create and save frequently-used protocols
Security and Flexibility
  • Tamper-proof key-lock command secures your RAD8 and assures uninterrupted testing
  • Indestructible MIL-SPEC certified case
  • Displays, prints, and downloads radon data in your choice of units
  • Secure cloud storage of data files with CAPTURE software
Expandability and Value
  • Available with a wide range of accessories for measuring radon in air, water and soil
  • Versatile connectivity with built-in WiFi and USB
  • Companion CAPTURE software for data retrieval and analysis
  • 2-year limited warranty
RAD8 Specifications

The RAD8 is IP67 waterproof and dustproof

View a complete measurement summary on the touchscreen

Graph real-time measurements on the touchscreen

Simultaneously displays alpha decay energy peaks from the radon and thoron decay chains

The RAD8 comes with all the needed components and accessories.


RAD8 Manual (PDF)
RAD8 Product Brief (PDF)
RAD8 Battery SDS (PDF)

Purchase the RAD8 Radon Detector

RAD8 Radon Detector
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The RAD8 comes complete with the following components and accessories:
  • External 12V Power Adaptor
  • 4 Small Drying Tubes
  • 1 Laboratory Drying Unit
  • 5-lb Jar Indicating Desiccant
  • 1 Dust Filter
  • 6 Inlet Filters
  • 4 Extra Straight Fittings
  • Vinyl Tubing Set
  • Waterproof USB Cable
Expendable RAD8 Supplies
5 lb Indicating Desiccant (8 mesh)

$139.00Add to cart

5 lb Indicating Desiccant (10-20 mesh)

$148.00Add to cart

25 lb Indicating Desiccant (8 mesh)

$682.00Add to cart

25 lb Indicating Desiccant (10-20 mesh)

$712.00Add to cart

Thermal Printer Paper Rolls (x6)

$17.00Add to cart

Additional RAD8 Supplies
Thermal Printer

$225.00Add to cart

Laboratory Drying Unit

$144.00Add to cart

Small Drying Tubes (x4)

$72.00Add to cart

Inlet Filter Pack (x6)

$32.00Add to cart

Dust Filter (x1)

$8.00Add to cart

RAD8 Tubing Set

$43.00Add to cart