From a Radon Professional:

“I want to let you know how much I have liked working with the RAD7 radon detector. I enjoy the ease of operation, and my customers appreciate the ability to see the print-out of results within 48 hours. I would recommend your equipment to any radon tester or mitigator for ease and reliability of operation.”

From a Radon Mitigator:

“I have been using the RAD7 now for a few years, and I am very pleased with it. When searching for radon entry points in SNIFF mode I discovered that Thoron often shows in the spectrum printout, where radon enters the house. Measuring one half meter away from that point Thoron doesn’t show. This is a very good help to find the entry points.”

From a Health Physics Consultant:

“The RAD7 and RAD H2O have operated well for us in harsh environmental conditions, and have returned very valuable radon data. The RAD7 hardware and the CAPTURE software application have proven to be very user friendly. The customer support at DURRIDGE was found to be friendly and knowledgeable. I’d have no problem recommending this company, or their products, to anyone.”

From a Radon Diagnostic Laboratory Owner:

“I wanted to let you know that in the many years we have operated our RAD H2O and RAD7 units we have surpassed the 60,000 sample mark! I have run these units side-by-side with my Packard Scintillation Unit and found them to be within ± 3.7% of each other. These units are workhorses and very user friendly. Thank you for a most excellent instrument and a most competent technical support staff (although I rarely needed them).”

From an Environmental Laboratory:

“I purchased two of your RAD H2O instruments last year and have the following comments: We find the instrument very user-friendly. When side-by-side studies were run against our liquid scintillation unit we found the RAD H2O to be within +/- 5% of our LS unit. We find the instrument to be more hassle-free than the LS unit because we no longer have to fool around with the Optifluor liquid. Your unit’s portability allows us to bring the “lab” to the customer. This is a good selling point from my marketing point of view. If you have not guessed by now…we are very pleased with the RAD H2O. It performs better than I expected and I will recommend your product to my colleagues.”

From a Home Owner:

“I have successfully solved my radon problem. [The RAD7] performed very well and I may not have been able to solve my problem with any other technology.”

From a Leading Radon Scientist:

“If I am ever asked by an expert, I will declare that DataView (the AlphaGuard software) is NOTHING compared to DURRIDGE’s CAPTURE software (and they charge you extra for it!!).”

Academic Accolades

From a University Professor:

“We have been measuring Rn for about 20 years — mostly in water but in air as well. The RAD7 is the best commercially available instrument for measuring Rn that I have ever seen. We originally bought one — we now own 12 and may purchase more. The RAD7 is a very nice little device with features that one would only expect in much more expensive instruments.”

From a University Graduate Student:

“The RAD7 has been an excellent purchase. It significantly helped a research project I was working on and I see many new research opportunities in the future using the RAD7. The machine and add-ons (RAD AQUA and RAD H2O) are all well documented and work very well and easily in the field. The greatest help and what really separates DURRIDGE from other companies is the unparalleled service I have been given. Answers and advice have always been quick, helpful and thorough.”

From a University Professor:

“I have recently purchased the DRYSTIK Moisture Exchanger, a simple device developed by DURRIDGE Company to extend the life of the desiccant during the radon measurements using RAD7 and the accessory RAD H2O.”

“I have found that the desiccant in the small drying tube lasts the whole day, instead of the 3-4 hours without DRYSTIK. In addition, the life of the desiccant in the laboratory drying unit is extended from 10 days to approximately 2 months of continuous use. This reduces the cost of replacing used desiccant with new Drierite.”

“I am very pleased with the DRYSTIK and I will recommend this device to my colleagues.”

From a University Professor:

“I currently have one RAD7, and I am very happy with it. I use it for both research and teaching, and I just love its range and endurance. At the moment, I am working on the research grant proposal and plan to ask for funds to buy 3 more units.”

From a University Professor:

“I want to inform you that due to your suggestion that we familiarize ourselves with the new materials on your web-site, we have found Capture, and we are very much admire this program. It is very useful and allows us to save a lot of time. This represents serious progress for the company.”

From a University Professor:

“I have been using the RAD7 over the last two years, and the instrument has happily survived pretty harsh conditions and several international travels and inquisitive customs’ inspections. I am extremely impressed with its reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. It really is a little gem!”

From a University Professor:

“IT WORKED! Thank you so much for taking the time – on a weekend! – to explain the procedure to me. I am extremely impressed. If you ever need a testimonial on the instrument’s performance and/or the service I received from you, you can certainly count on me. You have saved my trip to Brazil.”

Another University Professor wrote:

“I have four RAD7s and am about to purchase a fifth for some Greenland work. I have never had any major troubles with the instruments and found them to be EXTREMELY robust. I have rappelled into craters with them on my back and hauled them out. Probably a better testament of their robustness is that I have masters students take them into the field and they still work.”