The Natural Rock Sample is a 21oz (600g) sample of granite gravel, enclosed in a container that may be sealed using a pair of ball valves and end caps.

Granite generally contains trace amounts of both uranium and thorium that has been in the rock since it was formed, millions if not billions of years ago. Therefore all the progeny of both the uranium and thorium decay chains are fully supported and in full equilibrium down to 226Ra and 224Ra.

When the rock sample is dry, it constitutes a rock-steady emitter of both radon and thoron. It is possible to take advantage of that property to check the performance of a RAD8 or RAD7.

The device, as it stands, can provide a means for monitoring long-term changes in both radon and thoron sensitivity. After calibration at DURRIDGE Company, and with the optional Thoron Calibration Check Kit (sold separately), the device can be used for low-precision checking of both the RAD7’s radon sensitivity (monthly) and its thoron sensitivity (any time). A copy of the Durridge-issued Natural Rock Sample Calibration Form can be previewed here (PDF).

Natural Rock Sample

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Natural Rock Sample Physical Specifications
Shipping Dimensions 16″ x 8″ x 8″ (41 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm)
Shipping Weight 5 pounds (2.3 kg)
Natural Rock Sample Thoron Calibration

The Natural Rock Sample System comes already calibrated for radon. Thoron calibration is also offered as an option. Thoron calibration may be performed when the Natural Rock Sample System is purchased, or at any time thereafter.

Note: The Natural Rock Sample Thoron Calibration is currently unavailable.

Thoron Calibration Check Kit

Check the thoron calibration of the RAD7 using the components in the Thoron Calibration Kit. The Thoron Calibration Check Kit consists of a Pump, Power Adaptors, Laboratory Drying Unit, Needle Valve, Custom Flow Meter, Tubing Set, and Carrying Case. (See photo and components diagram.) The Thoron Calibration Check Kit requires the Natural Rock Sample, which is not included.

Note: The Thoron Calibration Check Kit is currently unavailable.

DURRIDGE Natural Rock Sample
DURRIDGE Natural Rock Sample

Thoron Calibration Check Kit for Natural Rock Sample
Thoron Calibration Check Kit for Natural Rock Sample (sold separately)