DURRIDGE is a leading provider of professional radon detection equipment. Since 1997, DURRIDGE has offered world-class radon detection solutions for businesses, universities, and governments worldwide. Our RAD7 continuous radon gas monitor features precise measurement far exceeding EPA accuracy standards. DURRIDGE also provides a wide range of accessories for the RAD7, as well as CAPTURE software for performing sophisticated radon data analysis, and expert calibration and maintenance services.

The RAD7 electronic radon detector was invented by Professor Lee Grodzins when he was head of the radon program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. DURRIDGE was formed in 1997 to take over production and support of the RAD7. Since then the RAD7 has continued in uninterrupted production and development, becoming an industry standard for research and professional applications. Today thousands of RAD7s are deployed worldwide.

Leadership Team
  • Carlos Bielicki
  • Carlos Bielicki
    Chief Executive Officer Carlos is responsible for developing DURRIDGE’s strategic vision and leads the company's sales, marketing, and engineering teams. He has a diverse background in high tech executive management ranging from start-ups to established companies including Broadcom, IBM, and Nuance. Carlos holds B.S. and M.Eng. degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell.
  • Ronda Wang
  • Ronda Wang
    Senior Vice President, Operations Ronda is responsible for a wide variety of operations, including Administration, Accounts, Finance, HR/Personnel, Production, and Customer Support. She also participates in Durridge's strategic planning and policy formulation. She holds Master's Degrees in CS and Information Systems.
  • Stephen Sadler
  • Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.
    Chief Scientist
    Managing Director, Durridge UK
    Dr. Stephen Sadler manages the Durridge UK office, where he is responsible for research and operations. He also provides support for customers within the European Union. Dr. Sadler earned his Ph.D. in experimental astroparticle physics at the University of Sheffield.
  • Adam Shrey
  • Adam Shrey
    Vice President, Engineering Adam is a hands-on manager who leads the engineering team in the development of world-class professional radon detectors, analytics software, and accessory products for soil and water measurements. He has a B.S. in computer engineering from Virginia Tech.
  • Jesse Simko
  • Jesse Simko
    Digital Information Architect Following a chance encounter with the company's founder, Jesse became responsible for the design of DURRIDGE's desktop software applications, including CAPTURE and the RAD7 Calibration Tool. He also handles web and print design projects, drawing from his experience as an artist and game developer.

Durridge Building
Our headquarters in Billerica MA

Scientific Advisor
  • Professor Neil Spooner
  • Professor Neil Spooner
    Director Durridge UK, and Durridge Scientific Advisor Professor Neil Spooner leads a large research group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield and is a Director of Durridge UK Ltd. Neil has over two decades experience in radiation detection physics and instrumentation including development of sensitive radon and alpha particle detection technology. Neil was founder of the UK's Boulby deep underground facility for low background studies and is an expert in astroparticle physics including dark matter and neutrino research.
Founder Emeritus & RAD7 Inventors
Dr. Derek Lane-Smith, Professor Lee Grodzins and Stephen Shefsky
March 2019, pictured from left: Golden Celebration RAD7 #5000; Dr. Derek Lane-Smith, Durridge Founder; Professor Lee Grodzins, RAD7 Inventor and Professor Emeritus of Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Stephen Shefsky, Chief Engineer with Lee Grodzins.
  • CE Compliance Information (EU)
  • Dr. Martyn J. Key, c/o Radiansa Consulting S.L. Montcalm 20-22, 17006 Girona, Spain Phone: +34 972 243232
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