Application Note: Sniffing for Thoron
Sniffing for thoron with a RAD7 is the quickest way to locate a radon point of entry.

Application Note: Radon Measurement in Sub-Slab Soil Vapor Using a DURRIDGE RAD7
This document describes the standard operating procedures for using the RAD7 to collect radon measurements from below a building slab, to investigate vapor intrusion.

Product Comparison: Radon In Water Accessories
This document compares the RAD H2O, Big Bottle System, RAD AQUA, and Water Probe.

Short Term Monitoring of Radon: Uncertainty Analysis
An examination of the suitability of the RAD7 for short term radon tests.

Soil Gas Measurement
This article explains how a soil probe is used with a RAD7 to measure radon concentrations in soil gas while preventing the sample from being diluted by outside air.

Technical Note: Thoron Calibration
When calibrating an instrument for thoron measurement, it is necessary to use a thoron sample of known strength and to account for its short half life.

RAD7: How Technology Translates to Performance
The RAD7’s method of measuring radon allows it to be used repeatedly without requiring an excessive recovery time between separate measurements.