Version 0.51.1

Release Date: August 31 2023

Bug Fixes
  • Hotfix: The RAD8 is no longer able to unexpectedly start up in a diagnostic state in which the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure readings are reported as zero.
Version 0.50.29

Release Date: August 21 2023

New Features
  • RAD8 performance has been significantly improved, with accelerated file transfers and data loading.
  • The optional Thermal Printer accessory is now supported when connected via a USB cable.
  • Power saving settings can now be configured using the Display Settings panel.
  • When the Radon Measurement Mode is set to Auto, the RAD8 now reports which Measurement Mode is currently being used (either Rapid or Precise) on the Test Status screen’s Summary panel.
Bug Fixes
  • The Up/down arrow buttons no longer retain a blue color after losing the focus.
  • Certain changes to testing protocols are now saved properly.
  • Long test names no longer result in problems when exiting the View Test screen.
Other Changes
  • The Firmware Update screen now has a cleaner layout, and it reports the current firmware version number.
  • The About This RAD8 screen now includes the firmware release date.
  • The Date/Time settings can no longer be changed while a test is running.
  • The Display Settings panel has been reorganized to improve usability.
  • The default screen backlight timeout period has increased, to prevent the touchscreen from dimming while in use.
Known Issues
  • The RAD8 Touchscreen sometimes becomes unresponsive to touch while in power saving mode. In this case, the physical buttons should be used to wake up the screen.
Version 0.32.18

Release Date: June 30 2023

New Features
  • An updated command line interface now allows Durridge’s Capture software to monitor the RAD8 status and retrieve data from it directly when it is connected to the computer with a USB cable.
  • The communication baud rate is now adjustable. The default baud rate remains 115,200.
  • When test data is saved to a RD8 file, the file name is now clearer and more verbose.
  • USB communication is now more reliable and efficient.
Bug Fixes
  • When data is encoded into base64 format for storage and export, undesired line feeds are no longer added.
  • If a Capture Cloud upload is unsuccessful, it now times out instead of failing permanently.
  • Capture Cloud uploads are now less likely to fail.
  • Navigation has been improved on menus containing multiple pages.
Other Changes
  • The on-screen keyboard and numeric keypad have been improved.
  • Stored files now use more readable names instead of timestamps.
  • Button design and menu text have been improved.
Known Issues
  • Some Wi-Fi actions are require further refinement.
Version 0.31.19

Release Date: March 19 2023

New Features
  • Audio settings and sounds have been added for user interactions, alerts, notifications, and detection events.
  • Custom protocols can now be edited, renamed, duplicated, and deleted.
  • Automatic SNTP time synching on boot is now available.
Bug Fixes
  • Progress bars now behave correctly when copying files.
  • Certain screens no longer display “Please Wait” without reason.
  • Saving a protocol no longer prompts the user to confirm overwriting.
  • The wrong menu is no longer displayed when editing a protocol.
  • A circular link during page redrawing has been fixed.
  • Custom names are now limited to the appropriate maximum number of characters.
  • Paging a menu now updates the subpage as appropriate.
Other Changes
  • “User Protocols” are now called “Custom Protocols”.
  • The name stored inside a file is now based on the test number and the full user-specified file name.
  • The “Save As” option is now available at the bottom of the manual config summary page, next to the run button, instead of in the left hand menu.
  • The user interface flow for saving manual configurations has been improved.
  • Long protocol names are now able to be displayed without overlapping other screen elements.
  • The View Test screen now shows the full file name instead of the truncated name.
  • The design of buttons and menu text has been improved.
  • The Timeout dialog now differentiates between closing and canceling.
Known Issues
  • It is not always possible to upload multiple files to Capture Cloud at the same time.
Version 0.30.241

Release Date: March 14 2023

New Features
  • Sound effects have been added for radon detection events and user interface actions.
  • Audio settings can now be configured using the System Settings menu.