Version 1.0.116

Release Date: March 18, 2024

Bug Fixes
  • Hotfix: If invalid FTP configuration settings are entered, the RAD8 no longer becomes unstable when attempting to upload test data via FTP.
Other Changes
  • The Power LED on the RAD8 front panel no longer flashes when the instrument boots up.
Known Issues
  • Using the Wi-Fi Settings screen to connect to a network and then promptly starting a test may cause the on-screen keyboard to become temporarily unresponsive. This problem resolves itself after waiting for a few seconds.
  • Radon detection event sounds stop playing when the RAD8 touchscreen turns off to save energy. (In a forthcoming firmware release, sounds will remain audible even when the screen is off.)
Version 1.0.103

Release Date: March 13, 2024

New Features
  • The RAD8 can now be configured to upload radon data to a server via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). As with Capture Cloud uploads, FTP uploads can occur automatically upon the conclusion of a test, and/or manually via the Manage Test Data screen. The FTP upload settings may be edited using the Capture Cloud configuration panel in the System Settings menu.
  • When using the “Send to Cloud” button on the Manage Test Data screen, a progress bar now appears, displaying the upload status as test data is transferred to Capture Cloud and/or FTP. The number of successful and failed uploads is reported.
  • If a Capture Cloud or FTP upload fails, the corresponding test entry now remains checked on the Manage Test Data screen.
Bug Fixes
  • Capture Cloud uploads are now assigned the correct file size for accurate data management.
  • Pop-up notification messages now use proper text wrapping as needed to display multiple lines of text.
  • The RAD8 is no longer vulnerable to memory errors associated with Wi-Fi connections.
  • When a Capture upload is completed, the test data is now returned to the proper state in the RAD8’s memory.
  • If a FTP connection fails, the RAD8 is no longer prevented from performing additional Wi-Fi operations.
  • Disabled buttons on the RAD8 touchscreen are no longer able to be erroneously activated using the RAD8’s physical keypad.
  • When checking the Capture Cloud and/or FTP connection status using the Test Connections button the Capture Cloud configuration screen, the test status is now updated promptly.
  • Calibrating the RAD8 touchscreen no longer causes unpredictable user interface behavior.
  • The RAD8 user interface no longer freezes while the Wi-Fi Settings screen is being populated with the names of available Wi-Fi networks.
  • If a Wi-Fi connection times out when a progress bar is visible, the progress bar now disappears, returning control to the user.
Other Changes
  • The RAD8’s Wi-Fi connection can now be reset more reliably after a timeout error occurs.
  • The associated Wi-Fi firmware has been updated to version
  • Touchscreen buttons are now disabled when the corresponding actions are not available.
  • The user interface of the Date/Time configuration menu has been updated.
  • When a Wi-Fi operation fails, the RAD8 no longer makes as many repeated attempts to conduct the operation.
  • Firmware updates may no longer be downloaded and installed if the RAD8 is unplugged and its battery has a state of charge of under 25%.
  • The RAD8 touchscreen is no longer permitted to dim while a firmware update operation is occurring.
  • When a firmware update is underway, additional status information is now provided.
  • The RAD8’s MAC address is now reported on the About screen. Previously it appeared on the Wi-Fi screen, within System Settings.
  • On-screen text messages are now more descriptive and informative where appropriate.
  • Minor grammatical changes have been implemented to make the RAD8’s on-screen text more consistent with that of computers and mobile devices.
  • When the “Disconnect” button on the Wi-Fi page is not available for use, it is now disabled but remains visible. Previously this button disappeared when it was not usable.
Known Issues
  • Using the Wi-Fi Settings screen to connect to a network and then promptly starting a test may cause the on-screen keyboard to become temporarily unresponsive. This problem resolves itself after waiting for a few seconds.
  • Radon detection event sounds stop playing when the RAD8 touchscreen turns off to save energy. (In a forthcoming firmware release, sounds will remain audible even when the screen is off.)
Version 0.53.3

Release Date: December 7, 2023

New Features
  • The screen calibration function now asks for confirmation to avoid saving a bad calibration.
  • On the Manage Test Data screen, tests are now sorted by date, with the newest first.
Bug Fixes
  • An issue with direct uploading to Capture Cloud has been resolved.
  • The screen image no longer appears briefly while shutting down.
  • When the RAD8 starts up, the battery percentage value now appears only after this information is known.
  • The power button no longer becomes unresponsive after the RAD8 display wakes up.
  • Touch events are no longer triggered when waking the display up from dim mode.
  • The RAD8 pump no longer briefly runs upon the completion of a test in which the Pump Mode had been set to Standard.
Other Changes
  • The RAD8’s audio volume has been adjusted to better match the capabilities of the speaker.
  • The RAD8 now provides notifications when Capture Cloud uploads succeed or fail.
Version 0.52.71

Release Date: October 18, 2023

New Features
  • An alert message is now displayed if the RAD8 battery approaches a critically low state of charge.
  • Thoron measurements are now more accurate when the RAD8 pump is operating in Standard Mode. (It is still recommended that the Pump Mode be set to On when measuring thoron, to maximize sensitivity.)
  • The Test Settings menu is now available when viewing a stored test on the Manage Test Data screen.
Bug Fixes
  • When the RAD8 is in energy saving mode and its display is off, touching the display now wakes it up more dependably.
  • On the Manage Test Data screen, deleting tests is no longer likely to cause unpredictable user interface behavior, particularly when a large number of tests are stored on the RAD8.
  • Relay resetting is now performed correctly.
  • Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) data is now outputted in the correct format.
  • When viewing valid test data, a “File Not Supported” message is no longer likely to appear.
  • The audio options in the Settings menu no longer conflict with one another.
Other Changes
  • On the on-screen keyboard, the bracket characters are now more legible.
  • Various on-screen messages have been adjusted for clarity. This affects menu headings, warning messages, and button captions.
  • If a file transfer process fails and the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the RAD8 no longer makes repeated attempts to transfer the file.
  • Battery alarms are now latched, instead of occurring repeatedly.
  • The on-screen battery icon now appears only after the battery’s state of charge has been determined.
  • The test number is now displayed when viewing a test.
Known Issues
  • Cancelling a firmware update only has the effect of closing the pop-up message.
Version 0.51.1

Release Date: August 31, 2023

Bug Fixes
  • Hotfix: The RAD8 is no longer able to unexpectedly start up in a diagnostic state in which the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure readings are reported as zero.
Version 0.50.29

Release Date: August 21, 2023

New Features
  • RAD8 performance has been significantly improved, with accelerated file transfers and data loading.
  • The optional Thermal Printer accessory is now supported when connected via a USB cable.
  • Power saving settings can now be configured using the Display Settings panel.
  • When the Radon Measurement Mode is set to Auto, the RAD8 now reports which Measurement Mode is currently being used (either Rapid or Precise) on the Test Status screen’s Summary panel.
Bug Fixes
  • The Up/down arrow buttons no longer retain a blue color after losing the focus.
  • Certain changes to testing protocols are now saved properly.
  • Long test names no longer result in problems when exiting the View Test screen.
Other Changes
  • The Firmware Update screen now has a cleaner layout, and it reports the current firmware version number.
  • The About This RAD8 screen now includes the firmware release date.
  • The Date/Time settings can no longer be changed while a test is running.
  • The Display Settings panel has been reorganized to improve usability.
  • The default screen backlight timeout period has increased, to prevent the touchscreen from dimming while in use.
Known Issues
  • The RAD8 Touchscreen sometimes becomes unresponsive to touch while in power saving mode. In this case, the physical buttons should be used to wake up the screen.
Version 0.32.18

Release Date: June 30, 2023

New Features
  • An updated command line interface now allows Durridge’s Capture software to monitor the RAD8 status and retrieve data from it directly when it is connected to the computer with a USB cable.
  • The communication baud rate is now adjustable. The default baud rate remains 115,200.
  • When test data is saved to a RD8 file, the file name is now clearer and more verbose.
  • USB communication is now more reliable and efficient.
Bug Fixes
  • When data is encoded into base64 format for storage and export, undesired line feeds are no longer added.
  • If a Capture Cloud upload is unsuccessful, it now times out instead of failing permanently.
  • Capture Cloud uploads are now less likely to fail.
  • Navigation has been improved on menus containing multiple pages.
Other Changes
  • The on-screen keyboard and numeric keypad have been improved.
  • Stored files now use more readable names instead of timestamps.
  • Button design and menu text have been improved.
Known Issues
  • Some Wi-Fi actions are require further refinement.
Version 0.31.19

Release Date: March 19, 2023

New Features
  • Audio settings and sounds have been added for user interactions, alerts, notifications, and detection events.
  • Custom protocols can now be edited, renamed, duplicated, and deleted.
  • Automatic SNTP time synching on boot is now available.
Bug Fixes
  • Progress bars now behave correctly when copying files.
  • Certain screens no longer display “Please Wait” without reason.
  • Saving a protocol no longer prompts the user to confirm overwriting.
  • The wrong menu is no longer displayed when editing a protocol.
  • A circular link during page redrawing has been fixed.
  • Custom names are now limited to the appropriate maximum number of characters.
  • Paging a menu now updates the subpage as appropriate.
Other Changes
  • “User Protocols” are now called “Custom Protocols”.
  • The name stored inside a file is now based on the test number and the full user-specified file name.
  • The “Save As” option is now available at the bottom of the manual config summary page, next to the run button, instead of in the left hand menu.
  • The user interface flow for saving manual configurations has been improved.
  • Long protocol names are now able to be displayed without overlapping other screen elements.
  • The View Test screen now shows the full file name instead of the truncated name.
  • The design of buttons and menu text has been improved.
  • The Timeout dialog now differentiates between closing and canceling.
Known Issues
  • It is not always possible to upload multiple files to Capture Cloud at the same time.
Version 0.30.241

Release Date: March 14, 2023

New Features
  • Sound effects have been added for radon detection events and user interface actions.
  • Audio settings can now be configured using the System Settings menu.
Version 0.30.50

Release Date: February 13, 2023

New Features
  • Concentrations and their uncertainties are now displayed with an appropriate number of significant figures. This is for display purposes only, and does not alter stored test data.
  • Files now appear using “Nice Names” when listed on the RAD8 touchscreen.
  • The user can supply a name for each test. (The default is the protocol name.)
  • Each test is now displayed with a unique test number, date, and user-supplied name
  • Files transferred via USB also include the RAD8 serial number in the name.
  • Test files are now deleted if the test is stopped before the first cycle is completed.
  • Chart data (up to the most recent 80 points) is included in the test summary in all cases, including continuous tests.
  • The Chart Settings Screen has been implemented.
  • It is now possible to specify which chart lines to display.
  • It is now possible to specify how fast Y-axis labels cycle.
  • Touching the Chart will now freeze Y-axis cycling.
  • The Cloud Settings screen has been added.
  • The Cloud Connection Test operation has been improved.
  • The Test Settings screen has been added.
  • Menu pages now remember the last position, returning to it the next time the page is loaded.
  • The number of cycles can now be typed in when using manual config mode.
  • The test duration is now shown on both relevant pages in manual config mode.
  • The Back button behavior now differs when viewing data from a saved test vs. the status of a live test.
  • The Wi-Fi hostname now defaults to the serial number.
Bug Fixes
  • The first test cycle was being incorrectly saved; the data was correct, but the format was wrong.
  • Old style files were being treated like new ones, causing confusing file names.
  • Deleting files could result in temporary issues with the list of remaining files.
  • Resolved edge cases that could result in a crash.
  • Standard pump mode was reversing the order of the on/off cycles if the test was started while a purge was running.
  • The Purge screen still said purging after a test ended.
  • The displayed thoron label and value were not behaving properly.
Other Changes
  • Various screen headers and subheaders have been updated.
  • Button text has been improved.
  • The RAD8 now tracks the lifetime uptime and pump runtime.
Version 0.29.426

Release Date: Early 2023

  • Early production release of RAD8 firmware.