Version 0.31.19

Release Date: March 19 2023

New Features
  • Audio settings and sounds have been added for user interactions, alerts, notifications, and detection events.
  • Custom protocols can now be edited, renamed, duplicated, and deleted.
  • Automatic SNTP time synching on boot is now available.
Bug Fixes
  • Progress bars now behave correctly when copying files.
  • Certain screens no longer display “Please Wait” without reason.
  • Saving a protocol no longer prompts the user to confirm overwriting.
  • The wrong menu is no longer displayed when editing a protocol.
  • A circular link during page redrawing has been fixed.
  • Custom names are now limited to the appropriate maximum number of characters.
  • Paging a menu now updates the subpage as appropriate.
Other Changes
  • “User Protocols” are now called “Custom Protocols”.
  • The name stored inside a file is now based on the test number and the full user-specified file name.
  • The “Save As” option is now available at the bottom of the manual config summary page, next to the run button, instead of in the left hand menu.
  • The user interface flow for saving manual configurations has been improved.
  • Long protocol names are now able to be displayed without overlapping other screen elements.
  • The View Test screen now shows the full file name instead of the truncated name.
  • The design of buttons and menu text has been improved.
  • The Timeout dialog now differentiates between closing and canceling.
Known Issues
  • It is not always possible to upload multiple files to Capture Cloud at the same time.
Version 0.30.241

Release Date: March 14 2023

New Features
  • Sound effects have been added for radon detection events and user interface actions.
  • Audio settings can now be configured using the System Settings menu.