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September LLRMT Conference Appearance
Durridge is sponsoring and will be attending the Low-Level Radioactivity Measurement Techniques (LLRMT) 2016 Conference in Seattle, Washington. The conference has been organized by the International Committee for Radionuclide Metrology, and it runs from September 26 through September 30. Durridge's chief technical officer Dr. Derek Lane-Smith will be present to provide information about the RAD7, the Big Bottle System, and other Durridge products. Learn more about the conference here.

CAPTURE Version 5.5.2 Now Available
The latest CAPTURE software update introduces the ability to download and graph a range of RAD7 data runs. We have also improved the program's graphing and exporting features. For the full list of improvements, see the CAPTURE Version History page. CAPTURE is available for Windows and macOS. Get CAPTURE here.

Summer Conference Appearances
Durridge is sponsoring and will be attending the 6th international Ra-Rn workshop in Girona, Spain. This four day event begins on Monday July 18, 2016. We will simultaneously be sponsoring and attending the 11th annual Identification of Dark Matter conference (IDM 2016) in Sheffield, UK, which also commences on July 18. Our scientists will be on hand to provide information about the RAD7 and other Durridge products.

CAPTURE Version 5.5.1 Now Available
Durridge's CAPTURE software for viewing and analyzing RAD7 data has been updated to version 5.5.1. The latest changes bring several new features and changes which are described at the CAPTURE Version History page. CAPTURE is available for Windows and macOS. Get CAPTURE here.

CAPTURE Version 5.5 Now Available
Graph and analyze RAD7 data using Durridge's CAPTURE software for Windows and macOS. CAPTURE 5.5 introduces numerous improvements in the areas of graphing and file handling. Most significantly, it is now possible to configure specific graph parameters for each run in a radon data set, and to save the changes for later retrieval. Get CAPTURE here.

RAD H2O Enhanced with Bypass Assembly
The RAD H2O accessory for measuring radon in water samples has been improved with the addition of a Bypass Assembly, which makes it possible to control the amount of air pressure involved in the aeration process. Learn more about the RAD H2O here, and compare it to DURRIDGE's other radon in water accessories on our Product Comparison page.

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