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CAPTURE Version 5.2.3 Now Available
Durridge's RAD7 communications software has been updated for Windows and OS X. This latest release fixes a bug that could cause radon and thoron uncertainties to be reported incorrectly. Learn more about CAPTURE here.

Introducing the Natural Rock Sample System
Durridge is now offering a Natural Rock Sample product, allowing RAD7 users to check the device’s performance once a month. The Natural Rock Sample system is available with optional factory calibration. Learn more about the Natural Rock Sample system here.

CAPTURE Version 5.2.2 Now Available
Durridge's CAPTURE software has been updated with improved RAD7 data export capabilities and enhanced support for visualizing Thoron data. Learn more about CAPTURE here.

CAPTURE Version 5.2.1 Now Available
Our latest CAPTURE software update addresses several issues brought to our attention by customers. Thoron readings are now reported with greater accuracy, as are C to A count ratios for selections. An issue with remote RAD7 communication has also been addressed. CAPTURE is available for Windows and OS X. Learn more about CAPTURE here.

CAPTURE Version 5.2 Now Available
Durridge's RAD7 communications software has been updated with several new features, including built-in support for temperature data probes and the ability to generate radon inspection reports. We have also implemented some important bug fixes. Download CAPTURE for Windows or OS X today. Learn more about CAPTURE here.

DURRIDGE Terminal Version 1.1 Now Available
DURRIDGE Terminal is a simple application for sending commands to the RAD7 radon detector from your computer. It can also be used to communicate with other other serial devices. The new version 1.1 release features improved reliability on Windows and OS X. Learn more about DURRIDGE Terminal here.

CAPTURE Version 5.1.5 Now Available
CAPTURE has been updated to addresses problems displaying radon in water data from the RAD AQUA and Water Probe. Issues with exporting thoron in water data have also been resolved. Learn more about CAPTURE here.

Price Changes in July
Durridge will soon be announcing modest pricing changes which are due to take effect at the start of July. This will affect the entire product line. We invite customers to place orders before the end of June.

CAPTURE Version 5.1.2 Now Available
We have issued an update to CAPTURE which addresses a problem opening RAD7 data files recorded using the RAD H2O accessory. All users are encouraged to download the update. Learn more about CAPTURE here.

CAPTURE Version 5.1.1 Now Available
Durridge's RAD7 communications software has been updated with improved algorithms for calculating radon and thoron concentrations. The Windows version of the software can now be installed as an English-only application to reduce file size and prevent the appearance of machine-translated text. Learn more about CAPTURE here.

CAPTURE Version 5.1 Now Available
The new version of our RAD7 communications software brings numerous improvements, including a powerful RAD7 Profile editor, offering the ability to customize RAD7 sensitivities and spill factors. CAPTURE is available for Windows and OS X. Learn more about CAPTURE here.

DRYSTIK ADS-2 Pump Upgrade
The Durridge DRYSTIK ADS-2 active moisture exchanger has been updated with high quality pumps, available in brushed and brushless varieties. With the improved pump the DRYSTIK ADS-2 will perform flawlessly for years to come. Existing DRYSTIKs may be returned to us and we will upgrade them to new pumps with a quick turnaround time. The DRYSTIK ADS-2 removes moisture from air entering the RAD7, greatly extending desiccant life. Learn more at the DRYSTIK ADS-2 page.

Relay Box
The Durridge Relay Box is a small device that allows the RAD7 radon detector to issue alerts to other instruments based on changing radon conditions. Find out more about the Relay Box and other Durridge peripherals on our new RAD7 Accessories page.

Product Component and Accessory Diagrams
When you visit the Durridge Purchasing page, you will see that we have begun to add thumbnail links connecting to diagrams showing the various components and accessories that are included in products such as the RAD7, RAD H2O, and Big Bottle System. These diagrams will make it easier to select the product solution that meets your specific requirements. More illustrations will be coming soon.

CAPTURE Version 5.0 Now Available
Durridge is pleased to announce a significant update to its RAD7 connectivity software. Monitor multiple connected RAD7s, download radon data, and perform extensive analysis with greater ease and flexibility. CAPTURE 5.0 introduces RAD7 Groups, Chart Recorder support for Thoron and customizable data sources, and more robust data parsing and exporting features. Learn more about CAPTURE here.

RAD AQUA User's Manual Update
The documentation for Durridge's RAD AQUA radon in water accessory has been updated. A new section details the use of the RAD AQUA on a boat, and additional maintenance and troubleshooting information is now available. Download the manual here.

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