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CAPTURE Software Update
Durridge's CAPTURE RAD7 software has been updated. It now features improved support for the Big Bottle System, an enhanced Chart Recorder, and numerous bug fixes and usability enhancements. CAPTURE is available for Windows and OS X. Learn more here.

Durridge Cool Trap
The Durridge Cool Trap is an accessory for removing excess moisture from air entering the DRYSTIK and RAD7 radon monitor. New photos, specifications, and pricing for the Cool Trap are now available. Learn more here.

CAPTURE Software Update
Our CAPTURE software for communicating with RAD7s has been updated with several new features and bug fixes. CAPTURE now offers improved radon in water support and handles connectivity problems more gracefully. Learn more here.

CAPTURE Software Update
Durridge's CAPTURE software for downloading and analyzing RAD7 data has been updated. This release improves reliability and introduces High Voltage warnings to make it easier to identify malfunctioning RAD7s. CAPTURE is available for Windows and Macintosh. Get CAPTURE here.

DRYSTIK ADS-2 and RAD AQUA User's Manual
We are pleased to offer a new user's manual for the DRYSTIK model ADS-2. In addition, the RAD AQUA User's manual has been updated with newer diagrams and revised instructions for usage. These can be downloaded from the Product Manuals page.

CAPTURE Software Update
Our RAD7 control software for Windows and OS X has been updated. This version fixes a bug that affected the loading of Big Bottle System data, and it introduces RAD7 persistence, allowing RAD7 operations to continue in the background even when the main CAPTURE window is closed. Learn more here.

Video Tutorials
We have been busy preparing a series of videos explaining how to set up and use the RAD7 radon monitor and our CAPTURE software for data acquisition and analysis. These videos are now appearing on our Video Tutorials page in the Support section.

Bulk Emission Chamber now available
DURRIDGE is pleased to announce the availability of the airtight Bulk Emission Chamber. This accessory for the RAD7 radon monitor is perfect for storing samples of rock, soil, and more. Two quick-release ports make it easy to connect the Bulk Emission Chamber to the RAD7 in a closed loop for continuous radon emissions monitoring. The Bulk Emission Chamber is initially available in a 2.8L capacity.

CAPTURE Software Update
A significant number of improvements have been made to DURRIDGE's CAPTURE software for downloading, graphing, and analyzing RAD7 data. The program is now faster and more responsive, and it is more reliable under a variety of conditions. Our efforts have focused mainly on the Chart Recorder and the user interface. Learn more here.

CAPTURE Software Update
Graph and analyze RAD7 data with CAPTURE software for Windows and Macintosh. DURRIDGE's powerful RAD7 software has been updated to version 4.8.4. This release introduces a streamlined system of humidity correction, as well as custom RAD7 naming, and features for conveniently downloading data from multiple devices simultaneously. It is recommended for all RAD7 users. Learn more here.

DURRIDGE is now offering a line of all-new DRYSTIKs for removing moisture from air samples. The DRYSTIK Model ADS-2 features a built-in duty cycle controller and an electronic interface for customizing pump settings. The old Active and Passive DRYSTIK models have been discontinued. We continue to offer the Duty Cycle Controller as a stand-alone product.

CAPTURE Software Update
DURRIDGE's CAPTURE software has been updated to version 4.8.3. This release features significant performance enhancements, as well as integrated statistics and spectrum panels for improved ease of use. Several additional refinements have resulted in a must-have upgrade. Learn more here.

CAPTURE Software Update
Our RAD7 graphing and analysis software has been updated to version 4.8.1. This release features numerous improvements to the Chart Recorder, and CAPTURE's data combining features are now more powerful and versatile. In addition, refinements have been made to CAPTURE's support for the RAD AQUA and RAD H2O accessories. Learn more here.

CAPTURE Software Update
DURRIDGE's CAPTURE software has been updated to version 4.8. Our RAD7 communications software now includes support for the new Big Bottle System accessory. In addition, CAPTURE's real-time Chart Recorder has been enhanced. Learn more here.

CAPTURE Software Update
DURRIDGE's CAPTURE software has been updated to version 4.7.8. This release introduces useful new file formats and includes several Windows-specific improvements to enhance reliability and ease of use. We have also improved the accuracy of the Spectrum Window and made the Chart Recorder more responsive. Learn more here.

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