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CAPTURE Software Update
CAPTURE version 4.4.10 has been released. This version adds B to A window spill correction, introduces new graph appearance settings, and more. Learn more here.

CAPTURE Software Update
CAPTURE version 4.4.9 has been released. This version fixes several bugs and adds support for RAD7 data records containing unknown humidity levels. Learn more here.

CAPTURE Software Update
CAPTURE version 4.4.8 has been released. Customers who currently use version 4.4.7 will enjoy CAPTURE's recently introduced automatic update feature. This revision fixes a bug that prevented the program from starting up properly on Windows under certain conditions. Learn more here.

CAPTURE Software Update
DURRIDGE Company is pleased to announce the availability of CAPTURE version 4.4.7. CAPTURE is our RAD7 communications software, used to obtain RAD7 data and perform sophisticated radon data analysis. This update brings numerous enhancements, including auto-update, as well as several important bug fixes. Learn more here.

Web Site Redesign
The all-new DURRIDGE Web site is now functionally complete. We hope you enjoy improved access to product details, the Google Custom Search bar, and our new User Forums. Web site construction
We have begun the process of designing and constructing an improved DURRIDGE Web site. This work will progress in parallel to our ongoing CAPTURE software development efforts.

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