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DRYSTIK Model ADS-1 (Discontinued)

Humidity Exchanger to Extend Desiccant Life Span


The DURRIDGE DRYSTIK Model ADS-1 transfers humidity in incoming air to the stream of dry air being pumped out of the RAD7. This means that any air being sent through a drying unit on its way to the RAD7 will have already lost most of its moisture, greatly extending the life of the desiccant in the drying unit.

The DURRIDGE DRYSTIK comes bundled in an enclosure containing a built-in pump. It is available with three lengths of tubing, with the greater lengths permitting increased preservation of desiccant.

In typical conditions, the 48" Active DRYSTIK will preserve the desiccant for over three months. DURRIDGE also offers a premium 144" option. The DRYSTIK operates on a principle involving two tubes, one inside the other. The inner tube is made of NAFION, a Teflon based material that permits the movement of water molecules, while blocking air and radon. The air sample flows along the inner tube on its way to a drying unit (not included), while the space around the inner tube is purged with dry air coming from the outlet of the RAD7.

DRYSTIK Configuration

The DRYSTIK is attached to the inlet of the drying unit, and to the outlet hose connection on the RAD7. Short lengths of tubing are positioned to inhibit the diffusion of moist ambient air into the DRYSTIK. Two air streams flow in opposite directions, so that the sample air leaves the DRYSTIK from the same end that the dry air from the RAD7 enters.

Summary of Benefits

The DRYSTIK enables users to enjoy the full capabilities provided by the superior RAD7 technology, with its rapid response and recovery, vanishingly small background, thoron specific sniffing, and radon-in-water accessories, with the need to replace and/or regenerate the desiccant only after a long period. The cost of replacing used desiccant with new Drierite becomes insignificant.

With a pump upstream and a needle valve downstream of the NAFION tube, compressing the air inside the tube, the Active DRYSTIK works regeneratively, and can even eliminate the need for desiccant altogether.


Active DRYSTIK Model ADS-1 Configuration Diagram

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