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Video Tutorials

Instruction in the setup and use of the RAD7 and accessories


DURRIDGE has been busy preparing videos explaining how to set up and use the RAD7 radon monitor, the CAPTURE data acquisition and analysis software, and several related accessories.

Latest Videos

Getting Started: 1-Day Test with the RAD7
Learn how to set up a RAD7 and its accompanying accessories, in order to conduct a 1-day measurement of radon in air. 2014 YouTube video (9 min.)
Using CAPTURE 1: General Setup
Learn how to download RAD7 data to your computer for analysis in CAPTURE. 2014 YouTube video (10 min.)
Installing CAPTURE on the Mac
Learn how to install CAPTURE on a macOS computer. 2014 YouTube video (1 min.)

Using CAPTURE 2: Advanced Analysis
Learn how to use the advanced features of DURRIDGE's free CAPTURE software, including how to export your RAD7 data in various formats, how to combine two or more sets of data files, and more. 2014 YouTube video (10 min.)
Export CAPTURE Data Learn how to export radon data from the CAPTURE graph window. 2014 YouTube video (5 min.)
Combine RAD7 Data Files Learn how to combine radon data files to view them together in a CAPTURE graph window. 2014 YouTube video (2 min.)
Show RAD7 Data File Learn how to find the location of a RAD7 data file on your computer. 2014 YouTube video (1 min.)
Print a Graph Learn how to print a high resolution graph of your RAD7 data in CAPTURE. 2014 YouTube video (1 min.)
Update CAPTURE Learn how to update CAPTURE to the latest version. 2014 YouTube video (1 min.)
Using CAPTURE 3: The Chart Recorder Learn how to use CAPTURE’s Chart Recorder to monitor RAD7 radon tests on your computer in real time. 2014 YouTube video (5 min.)
Running Tests With Multiple RAD7s Learn how to use the Chart Recorder to view an averaged data set from multiple RAD7s. 2014 YouTube video (1 min.)

Older Videos

Getting Started: 1-Day Measurement 2012 YouTube video (9 min.)
What's In The Box? 2012 YouTube video (5 min.)


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