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The following articles explore specific advantages of DURRIDGE products.

The Effect of CO2 on the Measurement of 220Rn and 222Rn (PDF)

This article explains that when a RAD7 is used in the presence of CO2, the thoron measurement is diminished more than the radon reading, and that therefore the 220Rn/222Rn ratio decreases as a function of CO2 concentration.

By Dr. Derek Lane-Smith and Ken Sims.
© 2013 Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences.

Short Term Monitoring of Radon: Uncertainty Analysis (HTML)

An examination of the suitability of the RAD7 for short term radon tests.

By Dr. Derek Lane-Smith and Rory McLoughney. © 2012 DURRIDGE Co. Inc.

Product Comparison: Radon In Water Accessories (HTML)

This document compares the RAD H2O, Big Bottle System, RAD AQUA, and Water Probe.

By Dr. Derek Lane-Smith. © 2013 DURRIDGE Co. Inc..

Technical Note: Thoron Calibration (HTML)

When calibrating an instrument for thoron measurement, it is necessary to use a thoron sample of known strength and to account for its short half life.

By Dr. Derek Lane-Smith. © 2012 DURRIDGE Co. Inc..

Application Note: Sniffing for Thoron (HTML)

Sniffing for thoron with a RAD7 is the quickest way to locate a radon point of entry.

By Dr. Derek Lane-Smith. © 2011 DURRIDGE Co. Inc..

RAD7: How Technology Translates to Performance (HTML)

The RAD7’s method of measuring radon allows it to be used repeatedly without requiring an excessive recovery time between separate measurements.

By Dr. Derek Lane-Smith. © 2011 DURRIDGE Co. Inc..

Soil Gas Measurement (HTML)

This article explains how a soil probe is used with a RAD7 to measure radon concentrations in soil gas while preventing the sample from being diluted by outside air.

By Dr. Derek Lane-Smith. © 2011 DURRIDGE Co. Inc.

Continuous Radon-222 Measurements in the Coastal Zone (PDF)

This article explains how better time resolution and higher sensitivities can be achieved with new radon measurement technologies.

By Dr. Derek Lane-Smith, William C. Burnett, and Henrieta Dulaiova. Sea Technology, October 2002, 37-45.

A Continuous Monitor for Assessment of Radon-222 in the Coastal Ocean (PDF)

This article explains how the RAD7 and an air-water exchanger can determine the radon activity in coastal ocean waters on a continuous basis.

By William C. Burnett, G. Kim, and Dr. Derek Lane-Smith. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 2001.

Published Research Involving DURRIDGE Products
Complete Articles

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Article Abstracts

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