Below you will find a collection of published journal articles by researchers that have made use of DURRIDGE instruments. For more than two decades our products have served scientists working in diverse research fields ranging from deep underground dark matter experiments to the peaks of active volcanoes (and all kinds of places in-between!). Please contact us if you have used DURRIDGE products in your research and would like to submit an article to our collection.

Human Health Risk

Includes direct monitoring monitoring of radon in both air and water in residential, occupational hygiene, and health physics contexts, emanation from building materials, etc.

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Environmental Contamination

Includes NAPL mapping, radon as a surrogate for chlorinated vapour intrusion into buildings, Attenuation Factor measurements, etc.

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Radon as a Tracer of Groundwater Movement

Including Submarine Groundwater Discharge, limnology, etc.

Wells, N. S., Maher, D., Huang, P., Erler, D. V., Maxwell, P., Hipsey, M. R., & Eyre, B. D. (2020). Land-use intensity alters both the source and fate of CO2 within eight sub-tropical estuaries. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 268, 107–122. [View]

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Radon Metrology and Measurement Techniques

RAD7 as radon reference standard instrument, inter-comparisons between instruments, radon-in-water measurement techniques, soil radon measurement techniques, etc.

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Volcanoes and Seismic Activity

Including radon as an earthquake precursor.

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Particle Physics

Includes radon as a background in deep underground dark matter, neutrino-less double-beta decay and other rare-event physics experiments.

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