Rent the RAD7 Radon Detector
The RAD7 radon detector may be rented on a per-month basis. After adding a RAD7 Rental to your order, set the Quantity to the number of months you will use the RAD7. RAD7 Rental Consumables and additional Indicating Desiccant are sold separately, and may be reordered as needed, when the supplies are exhausted.
RAD7 Rental (per month)

$581.00Add to order

RAD7 Rental Consumables

$95.00Add to order

The RAD7 Rental Consumables package includes:

  • Small Drying Tubes (x4)
  • RAD7 Printer Paper Rolls (x6)
  • RAD7 Tubing Set
5 lb Indicating Desiccant (8 mesh)

$83.00Add to order

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