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DURRIDGE offers software utilities facilitating communication and data transfer between computers and the RAD7 hardware. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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RAD7 Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

DURRIDGE's free CAPTURE software for Macintosh and Windows provides the ability to download radon data files from the RAD7 and issue commands to the RAD7 for performing various common tasks. A chart recorder renders sophisticated real-time graphs of radon and thoron data from single or multiple RAD7s. Included with CAPTURE is a complete user's manual and several sample RAD7 data files. CAPTURE contains built-in support for the English and Chinese languages. Additional machine-generated language resources are available upon request.

CAPTURE can perform two-way communication with RAD7 devices containing RADLINK remote access software. Operating at up to 19.2 kBaud, RAD7 download operations are quick and easy.

CAPTURE's extensive graphing features include advanced data navigation, multiple statistics panels, and enhanced selection abilities. Data may be exported to a variety of human-readable formats. High-resolution printer output is always just a click away.

Download the latest version of CAPTURE®

CAPTURE v5.6.4 for Windows 7*, 8, and 10

CAPTURE v5.6.4 for macOS


Attention Windows 7 users: if CAPTURE's graph printing feature fails, please use the legacy version of CAPTURE, .

Attention Mac FireFox users: if CAPTURE fails to download properly and the browser window fills with gibberish, type "about:support" in the URL bar and press Enter. Click the "Show In Finder" button near the Profile Folder listing. A folder will open containing a file called mimetypes.rdf. Quit FireFox, and then delete the mimetypes.rdf file.

USB to Serial Adaptor

USB to Serial Adaptor Cable (HTML)

USB to Serial Adaptor Drivers (HTML)

The RAD7 and the DRYSTIK connect to the computer using an included USB to Serial adaptor cable. For CAPTURE software to communicate over this connection it is necessary to install the appropriate driver. Drivers for adaptors from StarTech and Keyspan are also present on the Durridge USB stick, which is included with the RAD7.

CAPTURE User's Manual
Note: the CAPTURE User's Manual is also available from within the CAPTURE application Help Menu.

CAPTURE User's Manual (HTML)

CAPTURE User's Manual (PDF)

CAPTURE Tutorial Video

Using CAPTURE 1: General Setup 2014 YouTube video (10 min.)

Click each image for a larger view


Download RAD7 Data Panel  

The Download RAD7 Data Panel makes it easy to obtain RAD7 test runs along with supplementary information needed for advanced data analysis. CAPTURE's ability to control the RAD7 extends beyond the simple downloading of data: it is also possible to start and stop testing runs, obtain data summaries, configure the RAD7's numerous settings, and obtain the RAD7's serial number and calibration date. In fact, any command available on the RAD7's physical keypad may be issued from within CAPTURE, whether the machine is located across the room or across the continent.

Chart Recorder  

CAPTURE's Chart Recorder displays a real-time graph of RAD7 data as it is recorded. As a radon test progresses, a set of virtual pens plot radon concentration, temperature, and humidity data on the right side of the display, while older readings scroll to the left. The Chart Recorder is accompanied by a Button Bar for starting and stopping tests and configuring RAD7 settings. Below the Button Bar is a Status Display panel indicating the current state of the RAD7.

Graph Window  

The Graph Window displays radon, thoron, temperature, and humidity across a scrolling timeline. Auxiliary panels provide data navigation controls and statistics on the full data set and the selected portion. Graph data may be exported in several formats for use with spreadsheets and other software.

Graph Parameters Window  

The Graph Parameters Window is used to configure RAD7 data for graphing. CAPTURE supports data files generated using RAD7 accessories such as the RAD Aqua and Big Bottle System. By accounting for the physical parameters of the experimental setup such as tubing lengths and temperature data, CAPTURE can calculate radon and thoron concentrations in water.

Preferences Window  

CAPTURE's Preferences Window provides controls for changing how CAPTURE behaves when connecting to RAD7s, downloading RAD7 data, and formatting the downloaded information. Here you can also define device profiles based on your RAD7 calibration records, and configure the program's ability to read third party data files produced by RAD7 accessories.

Spectrum Panel  

The Spectrum Panel displays a synthetic representation of the spectrum printed out by the RAD7. It indicates alpha energies signaling the presence of radon and thoron daughter particles.

Download older versions of CAPTURE®

Legacy versions of CAPTURE are made available for older operating systems, including Windows XP and Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

CAPTURE® Version History

Review the list of features and changes that were implemented in each past version of CAPTURE.

CAPTURE Version History (HTML)


DURRIDGE Terminal makes it possible to send commands to the RAD7 and other serial based devices from a remote location. Whether you're across the room or across the country, DURRIDGE Terminal makes it safer and easier to collect valuable radon data.

Application Installers

DURRIDGE Terminal v1.1.2 for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

DURRIDGE Terminal v1.1.2 for macOS

DURRIDGE Terminal features automatic RAD7 baud rate discovery, so connections can be established quickly and easily. With DURRIDGE Terminal it is possible to issue commands to the RAD7 via a command line or text file. Also included are features for logging communication sessions to disk, and for maintaining multiple open connections.

DURRIDGE Terminal can also be used to interact with non-RAD7 devices that support serial communications through COM ports. It is an ideal general-purpose substitute for Hyperterminal.


Software Drivers

For CAPTURE to communicate with a RAD7 connected using a serial to USB adaptor or with a USB-enabled or DRYSTIK, it is necessary to install the appropriate driver. Drivers for adaptors from StarTech and Keyspan are included on the Durridge USB stick, which is bundled with the RAD7. These drivers are also available below.



Drivers for the StarTech Serial To USB Adaptor Cable and DRYSTIK

StarTech Adapter and DRYSTIK Driver for Windows 7 to 10
StarTech Adapter and DRYSTIK Driver for Windows XP

StarTech Adapter and DRYSTIK Driver for macOS 10.9 to 10.13
StarTech Adapter and DRYSTIK Driver for macOS 10.6 to 10.8

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USB to Serial Adaptor Cable (HTML)



Drivers for the Keyspan Serial To USB Adaptor

Keyspan Adapter Driver for Windows 7 to 10
Keyspan Adapter Driver for Windows XP and Vista

Keyspan Adapter Driver for macOS 10.9 to 10.12
Keyspan Adapter Driver for macOS 10.7 to 10.8


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