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RAD H2O Components

The RAD H2O consists of a Case package, Aerator Cap Kit (x2), Indoor Faucet Adaptor, Drying & Charcoal Tube Kit, Glass Frit Kit, and RAD H2O Tubing Set. These items are detailed below:

 RAD H2O Case Package

 ·Rugged Pelican brand case with sculpted foam inserts  
 ·Drying Tubes
 ·250 ml glass vial with Septum Cap (x6)
 ·40 ml glass vial with Septum Cap
 ·Labels for 40 ml glass vials
 ·Small adjustable Retort Stand and Clamp





  RAD H2O Aerator Cap Kit

 ·Aerator Cap (x2)
 ·Tubing for 40ml and 250ml vials

 Indoor Faucet Adaptor

 ·Plastic adaptor
 ·20-inch vinyl tubing

 Drying And Charcoal Tube Kit

 ·Small drying tubes (x4)
 ·Tube of activated charcoal

  RAD H2O Glass Frit Kit

 ·Glass Frit (x3)
 ·RAD7 inlet filter (x2)
 ·Tubing for 40ml and 250ml vials

 RAD H2O Tubing Set

 ·From RAD7 to aerator cap, with check valve (~28")
 ·From aerator cap to drying tube (3")
 ·From drying tube to RAD7 (24"+1")
 ·RAD H2O Bypass Assembly
 ·Vacuum Grease Container

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