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Pricing Details
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RAD7 Radon Detector Professional electronic radon detector
RAD H2O Radon in water accessory for the RAD7
Big Bottle System  
High sensitivity radon in water accessory for the RAD7
RAD AQUA Continuous radon-in-water accessory for the RAD7
Water Probe Slow response monitoring of radon in water
Moisture exchanger to reduce humidity of air entering the RAD7
Cool Trap  
Remove moisture from air entering the DRYSTIK and RAD7
Soil Gas Probe In-ground radon detection
Range Extender Increase the range of the RAD7 in high radon areas
Emission Chambers   Bulk and surface emission detection
CO2 Logger CO2 Sampling data logger
Relay Box Accessory for triggering external instruments
Indoor Faucet Connector   Adaptor for taking tap water samples
Natural Rock Sample   Monitor RAD7 performance up to once per month
Calibration Services Radon and thoron calibration

RAD7 Radon Detector  
Professional Electronic Radon Detector  $6,887.00  View RAD7 Product Page

Complete with:

  • RADLINK Remote Control Software
  • Wireless Infrared Printer, Battery Charger, rechargeable batteries & 6 rolls paper
  • External 12V Power Adaptor
  • 2 sets Velcro Tabs
  • 4 Drying Tubes
  • Gas Drying Unit
  • 5 lb Indicating Desiccant
  • 1 Dust Filter & 6 Inlet Filters
  • Vinyl Tubing
  • USB to Serial adapter cable
  • CAPTURE data acquisition and analysis software

RAD7 Components and Accessories (Illustration)
What's In The Box? (5 min RAD7 unboxing video.)

Expendable RAD7 Supplies

    5 lb Indicating Desiccant     $63.00
    25 lb Indicating Desiccant   $286.00
    RAD7 Printer Paper Rolls (x6)   $15.00

Additional RAD7 Accessories (Included with RAD7, but also sold separately):

   Wireless Infrared Printer   $223.00
   Laboratory Drying Unit  $86.00
   Small Drying Tubes (x4)  $47.00
   Inlet Filter Pack (x6)  $28.00
   Dust Filter (x1)      $6.00
   RAD7 Tubing Set      $38.00
   USB to Serial Adapter Cable      $52.00

RAD7 Serial to Bluetooth Adaptor $133.00
View RAD7 Serial to Bluetooth Adaptor Product Page

The Parani SD1000 Serial to Bluetooth Adaptor transmits RAD7 communications wirelessly up to 100m. It is preconfigured for plug and play RAD7 compatibility, and includes an external 5V Power Adaptor and complete documentation.

Optional accessories for Serial to Bluetooth Adaptor:

   Lithium Rechargeable 16 Hour Battery   $54.00
   Extended Range 3 dBi Dipole Antenna   $11.00

Radon in water accessory for the RAD7
View RAD H2O Product Page

Complete RAD H2O System  $1,095
Includes the RAD H2O Case package, two Aerator Cap Kits, Faucet Adaptor, Drying & Charcoal Tube Kit, Glass Frit Kit, and RAD H2O Tubing Set.

Individual Components:
The following components are included in the Complete RAD H2O System. They may also be purchased separately:

RAD H2O Aerator Cap Kit $96

Includes two aerator caps and tubing for 40ml and 250ml vials

Indoor Faucet Connector $25

Adaptor for taking tap water samples

Drying & Charcoal Tube Kit $61

Includes 4 small drying tubes and 1 small charcoal tube.

RAD H2O Glass Frit Kit

Includes 2 or 3 glass frits, 2 inlet filters, and tubing spacers for 40ml and 250ml vials.
Kit with 3 glass frits: $220
Kit with 2 glass frits: $142

RAD H2O Tubing Set $66
Includes all required tubing, check valve, and Bypass Assembly.

RAD H2O Supplies and Spares

250ml Glass Vials (12 Pack)  $53
Includes 12 250ml glass vials and caps for collecting RAD H2O water samples.
40ml Glass Vials (24 Pack)  $53
Includes 24 40ml glass vials, caps for collecting RAD H2O water samples, and labels for glass vials.
RAD H2O Bypass Assembly  $37
Tubing and screw clamp for controlling airflow through the sampling vial to reduce foaming.

Big Bottle System
High Sensitivity Radon In Water Accessory for the RAD7
View Big Bottle System Product Page

Big Bottle System Kits
Kits are available for two sample size ranges. Each kit contains the necessary individual components, listed below, plus the appropriate coupler-cap.

Glass Bottle System  $617.00
Includes Glass Jug Aerator Kit, (2) 2.5L glass jugs, Retort Stand Kit with Clamp, Tubing Set, and Temperature Logger Kit with Temperature Probe and Bottle Strap.
Soda Bottle System  $587.00
Includes Soda Bottle Aerator Kit, Retort Stand Kit with Clamp, Tubing Set, and Temperature Logger Kit with Temperature probe and Bottle Strap.
Compatible with most 500ml-2L pressurized PET soda bottles.

Individual Components:

Soda Bottle Aerator Kit  $97.00 Laboratory Drying Unit  $86.00
Glass Jug Aerator Kit   $89.00 2.5L Glass Jug  $20
With Teflon lined cap
Retort Stand Kit  $186
Includes Retort Stand & Clamp and
Tubing Set
Temperature Logger Kit  $250
With Temperature probe and Bottle Strap
Retort Stand & Clamp  $92 Glass Jug Shoulder Bag  $32
From Pinoy Designs, made with recycled juice packs from the Philippines (See PDF for details).
Big Bottle System Tubing Set
(Rev. C, coming soon) 
Big Bottle System Tubing Set
(Rev. B, available now)  $115

Continuous Radon-in-Water Accessory  $1,310.00
View RAD AQUA Product Page

Complete with:

  • Omega Temperature Probe
  • Omega OM-EL-USB-TC Temperature Logger
  • Three pairs of spray nozzles supplied (WL1/4, WL1 and WL4)
  • Capable of delivering 0.19 gpm, 1.14 gpm and 4 gpm, respectively, at 20 psi water pressure
  • Roll of Teflon Tape

Replacement Parts for RAD AQUA:
Omega Temperature Probe  $64
Omega OM-EL-USB-TC Temperature Logger  $170.

Water Probe
Slow Response Monitoring of Radon in Water  $349.00
View Water Probe Product Page

Moisture exchanger to reduce the humidity of air entering the RAD7
View DRYSTIK Product Page

DRYSTIK Model ADS-3-P1 moisture exchanger, in enclosure with brushed pump, built-in Duty Cycle Controller, and LCD Display

    ADS-3-12-P1 12-inch DRYSTIK $1,146.00
    ADS-3-48-P1 48-inch DRYSTIK  $1,221.00
    ADS-3-144-P1   144-inch DRYSTIK    $1,495.00

An optional Brushless Pump is available for the DRYSTIK Model ADS-3, add $112.00

DRYSTIK Model ADS-3R-P2 moisture exchanger, in ruggedized enclosure with brushless pump, built-in Duty Cycle Controller, and LCD Display

    ADS-3R-12-P2 12-inch Ruggedized DRYSTIK $1,612.00
    ADS-3R-48-P2 48-inch Ruggedized DRYSTIK  $1,652.00
    ADS-3R-144-P2   144-inch Ruggedized DRYSTIK    $1,785.00

Older DRYSTIKs with first-generation pumps may be upgraded with improved brushed pumps for a life expectancy of 5,000 hours, or improved brushless pumps offering a life expectancy of 10,000 hours (25,000 and 50,000 hours respectively assuming a typical 20% duty cycle):

    Improved Brushed Pump Installation    $270.00
    Improved Brushless Pump Installation    $344.00

Other DRYSTIK Products:

External Solenoid Valve Accessory, to activate higher airflows triggered by the ADS-3R  $230.00

Water Switch, accessory to prevent liquid water from entering the Active DRYSTIK  $119.00

12-inch Passive DRYSTIK, not in case, without pump or Duty Cycle Controller  $342.00

Duty Cycle Controller, Accessory for Soil Probe and DRYSTIK Model ADS-1  $462.00
View Duty Cycle Controller Product Page

Cool Trap
Remove moisture from air entering the DRYSTIK and RAD7
View Cool Trap Product Page

Mug Sized Cool Trap   $203.00
Bucket Sized Cool Trap   $307.00

Soil Gas Probe
In-Ground Radon Detection
View Soil Gas Probe Product Page

AMS Stainless Steel Soil Gas Probe, including Water Shutoff Valve  $720.00

Hardened Steel Soil Gas Probe $341.00

Water Shutoff Valve $256.00

Range Extender
Increase the range of the RAD7 in high radon areas  $1,353.00
View Range Extender Product Page

Emission Chambers
Bulk and Surface Emission Detection
View Emission Chambers Product Page

Bulk Emission Chamber, 2.8L Vol.   $307.00
Soil Surface Emission Chamber   $412.00
Hard Surface Emission Chamber   $214.00

CO2 Logger
CO2 sampling data logger
View CO2 Logger Product Page

Available in four ranges:

    0-1% (0-10,000 ppm) $1,250.00
    0-5% (0-50,000 ppm) $1,250.00
    0-30%   (0-300,000 ppm) $1,310.00
    0-100%   (0-1,000,000 ppm) $1,443.00

Relay Box
Accessory for triggering external instruments  $219.00
View Relay Box Product Page

Indoor Faucet Connector
Adaptor for taking tap water samples  $25.00
View Indoor Faucet Connector Product Page

Natural Rock Sample System
Monitor RAD7 performance up to once per month  $377
View Natural Rock Sample System Product Page

Natural Rock Sample Thoron Calibration  $214
The Natural Rock Sample System comes already calibrated for radon. Thoron calibration is also offered as an option. Thoron calibration may be performed when the Natural Rock Sample System is purchased, or at any time thereafter.

Thoron Calibration Check Kit  $627
Check the thoron calibration of the RAD7 using the parts in the Thoron Calibration Kit. Requires the Natural Rock Sample, not included.

Natural Rock Sample System Components (Illustration)
Thoron Calibration Check Kit Components (Illustration)

Calibration Services
View Calibration Services Information

RAD7 Calibration Contact Us

RAD7 Thoron Calibration Specific Calibration of Thoron Sensitivity, Contact Us

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