Welcome to CAPTURE, a RAD7 and DRYSTIK communications tool for Windows and Macintosh. CAPTURE downloads radon data files from the RAD7, displays sophisticated graphs of radon data, and makes it easy to configure Durridge devices and monitor their statuses in real time.

CAPTURE's graph window provides navigation controls, context-sensitive statistics panels, and extensive data configuration options. Radon data may be exported to a variety of human-readable formats, as well as printed in high resolution.

In addition to CAPTURE's RAD7 related functionality, the program can also communicate with the Durridge DRYSTIK active moisture exchanger, monitoring its status and configuring the device for optimal performance.

First-time CAPTURE users are encouraged to begin with the Basic CAPTURE Functionality section of this manual, which provides information on connecting to a RAD7, transferring data records to the computer, and displaying a radon data graph.

We appreciate your purchase of the RAD7, and we are pleased to offer CAPTURE to help you get the most out of your investment. More information on DURRIDGE Products, including the RAD7, is available at http://www.durridge.com.


CAPTURE is undergoing continuous improvement with new features and refinements. All changes are deployed simultaneously on the Windows and macOS versions of the software. For a list of all the latest improvements, see the CAPTURE Version History page on the DURRIDGE website.

CAPTURE will alert you when a new version of the software is available for download, as shown below. You can also make sure you are using the latest version of CAPTURE by selecting the Updates Panel in the Preferences Window and clicking the Check Now button.

When a new version of CAPTURE has finished downloading, the installer will launch (on Windows), or the disk image will mount on the desktop (on the Mac).

Figure 1: The Update Available notification.

Figure 2: Downloading a CAPTURE update.