DURRIDGE Company History

DURRIDGE is a leading provider of professional radon detection equipment. Since 1997 DURRIDGE has offered world-class radon detection solutions for business, universities, and governments worldwide. Our RAD7 continuous radon gas monitor features precise measurement far exceeding EPA accuracy standards.

The RAD7 electronic radon detector was invented by Professor Lee Grodzins when he was the head of the radon program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was initially developed by NITON Corporation.

NITON later shifted their focus to XRF devices, and DURRIDGE Company was formed in 1997 to take over production and support of the RAD7. Since then the RAD7 has continued in uninterrupted production and development. About 4,000 of the instruments are in regular use worldwide.

DURRIDGE Company now provides a wide range of accessories for the RAD7. The company also offers calibration and maintenance services, as well as software for performing sophisticated radon data analysis.

Management Team
  • Derek Lane-Smith
  • Derek Lane-Smith, Ph.D.

    Chief Technical Officer

    Dr. Derek Lane-Smith founded Durridge Company in 1997. He oversees company operations and technology development. Dr. Lane-Smith has a background in atmospheric physics.

    “We know that radon is the biggest source of natural radiation exposure, of human beings, and the biggest killer in the indoor environment. Radon is also a valuable naturally-occurring tracer used by oceanographers, atmospheric physicists, volcanologists and many others, and it is a serious pollutant of high-energy physics, dark matter research and semiconductor manufacturing. At the very least we need to be able to measure it accurately.”

  • Stephen Sadler
  • Stephen Sadler, Ph.D.

    Managing Director, Durridge UK

    Dr. Stephen Sadler earned his Ph.D. in experimental astroparticle physics at the University of Sheffield. He now manages the Durridge UK office, where he is responsible for research and operations. Dr. Sadler provides support for customers within the European Union.

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